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Stepping Stones - Health & Wellness

The Buddhists say that "to be alive is to be fully awake"

How? By opening our minds to all our senses, we accept the invitation to live fully in this moment; the only moment we will ever have. By observing core beliefs and emotional reactions that might keep us stuck, we embrace the whispered callings of our hearts.

Meditation offers powerful benefits that enhance everyday living by improving health, relaxation and concentration, with a sense of vibrant well-being. Learn simple steps that anybody can practice at home or work for as little as 15-20 minutes a day.

Every workshop and class include:

  • Gentle Yoga Stretches inspired by Swami Maheshananda Saraswati, a worldly wandering yogi of India. These simple movements, perfect for people of all ages and fitness levels, relieve symptoms of stress and blockages in the body. With a flexible body, we can engender a flexible mind in meditation.

  • Qi Gong as taught by various teachers including Grandmaster Peng. A Chinese tradition of cultivating qi (chi), dynamic life energy, it helps awaken the mind so that meditation becomes more than just a sleepy form of relaxation.

  • Mindful Meditation is derived from Vipassana; or Insight Meditation. Ralph spent 3 months living in Buddhist monasteries in Northern Thailand, including Wat Ram Poeng, studying with renowned monks, including Phra Ajarn Tong and Phra Ajarn Suppon. Practicing both sitting and walking meditation, we learn to calm the mind, and as calm non-judgmental observers, embrace our lives with full participation, joy and awareness. all wish for an enriched life for ourselves, and those we love?  When things are not all right, don’t we instinctively reach out for answers?  Do we not hear something calling, even if we cannot always recognize its voice?

Ralph believes that his life has been transformed by his study and practice of these ancient gentle traditions.

From his own experience, he has also found that meditation is extraordinarily useful in dealing with illness and chronic pain.

His passion is teaching meditation in a form that is understandable and suitable for the modern Western person, whose life is often engulfed with responsibilities, busyness and stress. He brings his wealth of experience as a psychotherapist into learning how to bring paying attention to the important issues of our lives into a meditation practice.

Based in Nanaimo, British Columbia Ralph offers:

  • Workshops - They are designed for the beginner as well as those who wish to deepen their practice. There will be a blend between an enjoyable experience with an understanding of the basic principles of meditation. Each time you come, you will learn the next step towards a full meditation practice.

  • Weekly Classes – Benefit from a chance to let go and enjoy the experience of meditation

  • Specialized Workshops – Workshops can be designed for specific groups that will best meet the needs and interests of your members. Upon request, Ralph can travel to your community.

  • Individual Instruction – Individual or small groups can set up their own time to study meditation as their schedules permit.

Learning to become a gentle audience for ourselves